The Rules

Here are a list of rules and criteria that every seller/buyer/visitor needs to follow at Tristate Pickers:


  • Please do NOT list any weapons for sale
  • Please do NOT list any medicine/drugs for sale
  • Please do NOT list anything that is illegal to sell
  • I think you get the point, so keep it clean good fun
  • Items listed will stay up for about 30 days or so.
  • It’s 100% FREE to post your listing
  • All listing will be approved within 24-48 hours from listing, they are NOT immediately posted.


Feel free to reach out to the seller via comments or contact info left by seller


  • Tristate Pickers will help connect the seller/buyer together based on the information left on the seller listing if the buyer wishes. Most of the time the seller does provide some contact info, but buyers can post comments to the listing for the seller to see.
  • Tristate Pickers and the website are not responsible for sales, communication or any other part of the transaction. This is just a place to post listing and view listings.
  • We are not an ESCROW service or Payment Gateway.
  • Think of us as a classifieds section in the newspaper or online.