Get PAID to post your items!

get paid to post

Get PAID to Post

Offer ENDED 3/19/2014 @ 11:59pm EST.

For a limited time only, if you post a valid listing on our listings page you get $2 via Paypal for each post.

Why not take advantage of this great promotion while it’s available to you ? It’s simple, you post your items on our listings page to sell and make easy money online FREE by getting paid for it!

TIPS when posting:

Try to be clear and provide some details about the item you are selling. You may also want to consider adding a picture if it’s appropriate.

Definitely leave a way for the interested buyer to contact you whether that is via a cell phone number or email address. They can also choose to comment on the listing as well.

Be sure to provide your email address when you post. (We will strip it from the listing before posting, it’s for us to get a hold of you to redeem your money. If you don’t provide an email address or a way to contact you, you won’t get paid)

Limitations: 1 post per day, no more than 5 per week.

You will get paid when offer ends.